Hi! My name is Istvan Bartalis! I am professional ice hockey player in Sweden right now. I play for the Hungarian National team as well! I also had opportunity to play against the best players in the world, like McDavid, Kopitar, Laine etc. Historically, I started ice hockey because of my father when I was 2-3 years old. He is my role model, he was coaching me for years but I had to move from home at age of 11 to play hockey and get better, because we just had ice for 3 months. By the age of 15 I moved to Sweden and I was playing, coaching and studying for almost 10 years! Then I played 2 years in EBEL and 3 years in DEL!

I like to socialize and get to know new people. I also want to share my experience with next generation and with everybody who want to learn about hockey!

My name is Balazs Bartalis and I am the skills coach of the Swedish Växjö Lakers SHL team and junior academy. I have started my coaching career in Finland after finishing my studies in IIHF’s unique university for coaches. After Finland I moved to Sweden to work with the champions of that time. In my first 2 years I have mostly worked with the U20 team. Since then I have the privilege to work with all age groups from the smallest all the way up to the pro team. My specialty is skating, this is the area where I can help you the most to become more confident.

Our Core Team